Mobile LGMV (Connection type : Bluetooth)

Mobile LGMV helps users to monitor and control the MULTI V IV system cycle using Bluetooth module. Technicians can check LGMV data 10m away from MULTI V IV outdoor with smartphone.

Smartphone Monitoring & Control

  • To use Mobile LGMV application, exclusive Bluetooth module is required.
  • Bluetooth module can be installed on the main board of the outdoor unit for use.

Smartphone Specification

Effective communication distance of Bluetooth

LG SAC Control App.

Central Controller (ACP / AC Smart Premium : Option) provides smartphone monitoring and control function for users. Group control is available via smartphone.

LG SAC Control App.


If an indoor unit experiences a problem, any remaining refrigerant is pumped down and transferred to normally functioning outdoor units. Conversely, if an outdoor unit malfunctions, any refrigerant left is pumped out to fully operational indoor units. This collection function helps to prevent the loss of refrigerant, while also making maintenance easier.

Pumping Down

Pumping Out


Commissioning time has been reduced up to 25%, from 60 minutes to 45 minutes. Remote control, wireless reporting has been provided.

Auto Commissioning Mode


The inclusion of FDD elements - auto start-up, auto refrigerant check, black box functionality, simultaneous evaluation, and auto refrigerant collection, provides the optimal solution for user reliability and ease of maintenance.

Upgraded Fault Detection & Diagnosis (FDD)

Services & Spare Parts

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance include:

  1. Refrigeration System
  2. Compressor Replacement
  3. Indoor & Outdoor Unit Cleaning
  4. Refrigeration System Spare Parts
  5. Compressor Spare Parts
  6. Control Module Spare Parts

Commercial AC Repair & Maintenance

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Chiller & Undirect Unit Repair / Maintenance include:

  1. Refrigeration System
  2. Compressor Overhaul
  3. Yearly / Monthly Service
  4. Scaling & Chemical for Tube Condenser
  5. Cooling Tower Maintenance
  6. Air Handling Unit & Fan Coil Unit
  7. Testing, Adjusting & Balancing
  8. Piping Design for Chiller Water System

Chiller Repair / Maintenance

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Chiller Spare Parts include:

  1. Refrigeration System Spare Parts
  2. Compressor Overhaul Spare Parts
  3. Yearly Consumable Spare Parts

Yearly Consumable Chiller Spare Parts

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Latest News

Desember 2017; PT Dynami Perkasa Indonesia mengerjakan proyek di Kampus Universitas Ahmad Dahlan IV di Jogjakarta.


Mei 2017; PT Dynami Perkasa Indonesia baru memenangkan tender Annual Maintenance untuk Chiller di Ciputra World Mall Surabaya (Carrier Centrifugal Chiller 800 TR 2 unit, Carrier 3 Rotor Screw 700 TR 1 unit & Carrier Screw 400 TW 2 unit).

Mei 2017; PT Dynami Perkasa Indonesia baru memenangkan tender Pekerjaan Penggantian Chiller & AHU untuk Gedung Perpustakaan Universitas Surabaya (Carrier Air Cooled Screw Chiller & Carrier AHU & FCU).

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